Un film de Jihane Saadaoui
France, Bénin
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Aprés avoir été expulsé de Marseille où il vivait clandestinement, Tarek, jeune marocain, retourne dans son bidonville à  Casablanca auprés de sa famille. Tandis que ses soeurs rêvent d’une ascension sociale par la voie des études et d’une carriére professionnelle dans leur propre pays, Tarek n’a qu’une obsession: repartir à Marseille pour continuer ce qu’il avait commencé à  entreprendre, au grand désarroi de ses parents.

This story is about Tarek, a young illegal immigrant who was deported from Marseille, France back to Morroco, his native country. We meet him in Casablanca, where he lives with his family in the shantytown where he grew up, in the industrial zone.
Between the refusal of his social condition and his lack of prospects, his hopes have, since his teenage years, turned towards Europe and more particularly towards France where life looks more appealing. He already lived there for several years, after managing to cross the border. This experience actually reinforced his hopes for a better life in that idealized elsewhere. Nowadays, Tarek’s only goal, which has become obsessional, is to go back to Marseille and resume the new life he had started there. His alienation from Moroccan society is absolute. Sad of this situation, his parents try to keep him with them and to persuade him that a decent life is possible in Morocco in spite of all the difficulties he might encounter. On the other hand, his sisters, who also have to face the consequences of poverty, both dream of upward mobility by studying hard and having a professional career in their own country.
Through Tarek’s experience, this movie deals with the causes that incite Casablanca’s lower class youths to illegally immigrate to Europe and their obsession to go back there once they have been expelled


Scénario : Jihane Saadaoui
Réalisation : Jihane Saadaoui
Production déléguée : The Kingdom
Co-production: Merveillles Production